Loewe launches new ‘Stellar’ premium OLED TVs with MLA screens and unique concrete design

A few weeks ago I reported that luxury German AV brand Loewe had set up Europe’s first ‘open cell’ OLED TV production line, which allows it to create truly unique TV designs that simply aren’t possible when working with the usual more ‘off-the-shelf’ OLED modules. Loewe has now presented the first results of this exclusive manufacturing capability in the extraordinary form of its new high-end ‘Stellar’ TV series.

The killer application of Stellar TVs from a design perspective is that their ultra-thin screens are backed by real concrete. Of course, not some thick slab of heavy concrete like you might see on a construction site, but an ultra-thin (2mm) concrete slab that gives every Stellar display a beautiful industrial, ultra-modern feel. In fact, the way the concrete is applied to the open-cell OLED panels, creating subtle patterns on the finish, effectively makes each set unique; like a concrete fingerprint.

Meanwhile, the Stellar TV’s screen bezels feature a distinctive high-quality brushed aluminum finish, with a metallic version of the Loewe brand ‘flag’ placed on one side. The extravagance continues with the LED light strip below the screen that creates a subtle light show that complements the illuminated Loewe logo that appears when you turn on the TV. You can also use this light arrangement to add customizable ambient lighting to your room via remote control.

You can usually rely on Loewe to offer multiple mounting solutions for your TVs, and this is also true of the Stellar range in the form of the option of a motorized floor stand adjustable via remote control and an ultra-slim wall mount that also offers cable management to reduce image distractions and the unique design of the television. Personally, I’d be more interested in the rotating floor stand option, because if you hang your Stellar on the wall, you’ll no longer be able to see that distinctive concrete back. But I imagine some living room layouts might require a wall-hanging solution – especially when you get to the largest screen sizes in the Stellar line.

Other classic Loewe additions are the integration into each Stellar screen of 1TB of integrated SSD storage, onto which you can record shows from the TV’s built-in triple tuners, and an integrated speaker ‘strip’ that runs along the entire width of the screen’s bottom edge. Loewe claims that some models in the Stellar range will be able to deliver up to 200W of audio power.

Each Stellar TV will be manufactured at Loewe’s own production facility in Kronach, Germany, allowing the brand to maintain the strict quality controls that fans of the brand have come to expect over the years.

While the Stellar TV series’ unique and intricate design is the most obvious sign of the TV’s flagship status, it also packs an abundance of cutting-edge picture technology. Particularly promising is the use of the new ‘Meta’ panel designs in the OLED TV world in the 55-, 65- and 77-inch Stellar screen sizes, along with Micro Lens (MLA) technology. This uses a series of tiny lenses to focus light just behind the screen to increase brightness without having to drive the screen’s sensitive organics any harder. Loewe claims MLA-equipped Stellar TVs can reach peak brightness of up to 2,000 nits in a 5% HDR test window, which is a huge number for OLED TV standards.

All Stellar TVs will have four HDMI 2.1 ports powered by Novatek’s new silicon and capable of handling the latest high-end 4K gaming features at 120Hz refresh rate (144Hz is actually possible), as well as variable refresh rate and automatic low-latency mode switching.

The Stellar range’s surprisingly wide collection of screen sizes should be rolled out gradually, starting this month with 42-inch and 55-inch models expected to retail for £3,299/€3,299 and £4,299/€4,299 respectively. In July, Loewe will release the 48- and 65-inch versions at prices of £3,799/€3,799 and £5,299/€5,299 respectively.

Then in October there’s a size jump to 77-inch and 83-inch screen sizes, which are currently expected to retail for £9,499/€9,999 and £18,999/€19,999 respectively, while anyone looking to see Stellar’s unique design in truly cinematic scale will have to wait until January 2025, when the 97-inch version should be launched. Understandably, Loewe hasn’t yet put a price on this relatively distant high-end TV – but I can confirm that Loewe has no plans to release its new flagship TV line in the US.

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