Apple and Its First Wave of AI Products: Here’s What the New iPhone 16 Will Look Like

Get ready because Apple is about to revolutionize the tech world with its first launch of products powered by artificial intelligence (AI). All this will be revealed at WWDC 2024, its annual developers’ conference starting tomorrow.

Apple and Its First Wave of AI Products: Here’s What the New iPhone 16 Will Look Like

Rumors suggest that the new iPhone 16 will come with AI integrated into its hardware, allowing it to process AI algorithms directly on the device. This is a big step forward for Apple, following in the footsteps of competitors like Samsung and Pixel, which have already launched smartphones powered by Google’s AI.

Among the new features that Tim Cook might announce is a massive update for Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. This update, arriving with iOS 18 next year, will allow Siri to analyze user activity, such as messages and notes. Although initially, Siri will only be able to control functions in Apple-created apps, the company is working to enable Siri to handle multiple tasks at once.

The brain behind these new capabilities is Apple’s large language model called Ajax. Although Apple has been using AI to enhance its devices for years, this will be the first time it’s being promoted so prominently.

Additionally, Apple might be preparing partnerships with AI giants like Google, OpenAI, Anthropic, and Baidu. It could even open its ecosystem to all AI developers, allowing for deeper integration into its devices.

Other possible announcements at WWDC include two new models of AirPods and a password management app to enhance user login security. Stay tuned for all these exciting updates!

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