The angry dad threw the baby in jail

A man who assaulted his ex-partner and threw his young son two meters across a room has been jailed after committing further offences. James Endean, 24, from Truro, was initially given two suspended sentences by the court but failed to change.

Endean appeared at Truro Crown Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to two counts of harassment – breaching a conviction-based restraining order and one count of assault by beating. Prosecuting the case, Piers Norsworthy explained how Endean and his then-partner had been in an on-and-off relationship for seven years and had three children.

Endean was described as jealous that his ex-partner had contacted her on social media and attempted to contact her via Snapchat to try and get her back. When she said she was at work, he would come in and threaten her.


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In February this year, Endean went to a take-out restaurant where his ex-partner worked and said he wanted money from her. It was heard that he knocked over a garbage can with his foot and grabbed her by the throat, and when a customer came in, she said she had to serve them because she was the only employee on staff. Endean remained in the restaurant the entire time, and when she gave him the money after serving the customer, he left.

On another occasion, Endean turned up at her address while she was in the bath and slipped his phone through the letterbox on her front door. When she got out, she recognized that he had put his phone through the door, so she pushed it back.

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