Apple to announce super-intelligent Siri and VR upgrade in days, expert predicts — and four other WWDC event reveals

APPLE is days away from unveiling big news about artificial intelligence, Siri and virtual reality, an expert predicts.

Speaking to The US Sun, an industry insider revealed what he thinks Apple will most likely announce at its big WWDC event on Monday, June 10.

Apple’s digital assistant Siri could be getting a major upgradeCredit: Getty

What is WWDC 2024?

WWDC is the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple’s annual event that is just around the corner.

It’s usually aimed at app makers, but the keynote event usually reveals a lot of good stuff news for Apple fans.

We’ll usually hear about annual free updates coming to iOS for iPhone, as well as iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and now even visionOS for the Vision Pro headset.

So if you’re looking forward to getting some free new ones features on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, you’re in luck.

This year’s event will begin on June 10, 2024 at the company’s headquarters in Apple Park, California.

It will run until June 14, but the big news comes on Monday in the 10am kick-off (that’s local time, so 1pm for New Yorkers, or 6pm if you’re in London).

This lecture will be broadcast live worldwide for free.

So you can tune in and watch what Apple CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues have prepared for you.

But the US Sun will also be in attendance, bringing you the latest news and updates live from Apple Park.

Apple unveils new Vision Pro AR headset that merges the real world with the digital – giving you a giant ‘virtual’ TV


We spoke to tech expert Paolo Pescatore, a longtime industry analyst and Apple fan.

He said we have a lot to look forward to, including an AI overhaul of Siri and some VR news as well.

All the attention seems to be on artificial intelligence, Paolo told The US Sun.

We may be hearing more updates on Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computing headsetCredit: Alamy

«While rivals have touted their AI capabilities, Apple has a proven track record and has been working on AI for a long time.»

Paolo noted that Apple recently unveiled its brand new M4 chip, which is found in the latest iPad Pro.

«With the introduction of its top-of-the-line M4 chipset, this will be a big draw among users and developers, enabling the same services to be brought to multiple devices,» explained PP Foresight’s Paolo.

«We should expect to see a preview of new OS upgrades to its devices and some running on a new chipset.»

Voice is set to play a prominent role with the increasing focus on AI and may therefore receive an overhaul with improvements to Siri.

Paolo PescatorePP Prediction

But Apple faces stiff competition from its rivals when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Therefore, Paolo expects major AI upgrades to be introduced.

«AI should be present on a whole range of platforms, including software and hardware,» Paolo said.

«Samsung introduced some neat features as part of Galaxy AI earlier this year with transcription, better browsing and photo editing tools.

Apple boss Tim Cook is expected to unveil big news about updates for key devices like the iPhone, iPad and Apple WatchCredit: EPA

«Similar features along with a further focus on personalization will be key for Apple.

“Apple should build its credibility with users on privacy to reassure them given the huge ongoing concerns about artificial intelligence.

«Voice is set to play a prominent role with the increasing focus on AI and may therefore receive an overhaul with improvements for Siri.»

The big question is whether we’ll see new devices announced at WWDC.


Here are six predictions for PP Foresight analyst Paolo Pescatore…

  1. Artificial intelligence updates on all Apple products
  2. Improvements to Siri, Apple’s digital assistant
  3. Apple Vision Pro updates, as well as headsets appearing in new markets
  4. Personalization features for AI, including photo editing and transcription
  5. Devices using Apple’s new M4 chip
  6. Previews of new OS updates for all devices

Most experts think the event will mostly stick to software, but we could see Apple release its Vision Pro «spatial computing» headset outside the US

The headset was announced during the WWDC 2023 event and launched for Americans in February 2024.

It’s possible that Apple could start launching the headphones in other countries, including the UK.

But any other gadget news beyond minor hardware upgrades seems unlikely, Paolo explained.

«This is a developer driven event. Having said this, we shouldn’t ignore the possibility of new devices as well as updates to Vision Pro including new marketscharacteristics, etc., Paolo told us.

«Apple could follow Samsung in unveiling a ring based on its health and fitness legacy; highly unlikely.»

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