iPhone 16 Pro: The 6 Key Features That Will Set It Apart from the iPhone 15 Pro

Screen, processor, size, new buttons… Here we share all the rumors and leaks about the iPhone 16 Pro so you can get ready for what Apple will release in September.

Even though we are still a few months away from the iPhone 16 Pro reveal, we can already imagine the new features it might bring. Apple has let slip hints about its design, size, screen, and battery. So, let’s break everything down to see what’s coming in September.

It looks like Apple will unveil the iPhone 16 Pro in September, along with the iPhone 16, 16 Plus, and 16 Pro Max. The exact date is still unknown, but it would be unusual for Apple to change its usual launch strategy.

What new features will it have? We’ve gone through the latest leaks and the most important rumors to create a list of 6 things that will set the new smartphone apart from the current iPhone 15 Pro. Ready? Let’s go!

A Bigger iPhone 16 Pro

Let’s start with the most significant change in the future iPhone 16 Pro. According to numerous rumors and leaks, the new ‘Pro’ models will come with larger screens, slimmer bezels, and some changes in overall size. After four generations without dimension changes, this is a big shift.

How much will the screens of the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max grow? It seems they will be 6.3 and 6.9 inches respectively, adding 0.2″ to the current 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max screens. They will also be a bit wider and taller, but not by much.

Why? Apple is expected to reduce the black bezels to record-breaking sizes of 1.2 and 1.15 mm on the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max, respectively.

New Capture Button

What started as an unimportant rumor is now almost certain. Several leakers claim that Apple will integrate a new button on the iPhone 16 Pro and its larger variant. What for? It seems it will be used to take photos and videos without opening the camera app.

It would be a button similar to those on some Android devices or the Sony Xperia. It seems strange for Apple, but the rumor is strong and is even supported by major accessory manufacturers.

How will it look? It’s still unclear, but it will be located on the right side, slightly below the lock button, perfect for pressing with your index finger when holding the phone horizontally.

The iPhone 16 Pro Will Have More Battery

The batteries of all iPhone 16 models were leaked a few weeks ago. For the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max, a growth of 2.47% and 5.7%, respectively, is expected. Here’s what that looks like:

But a larger battery capacity doesn’t guarantee better battery life. It all depends on how well Apple optimizes consumption and manages the new screens.

The increase is minimal, so expecting a significantly better battery life for the iPhone 16 Pro compared to the 15 Pro isn’t wise. However, we’ll have to wait for definitive conclusions.

Significant Camera Improvements

Another strong rumor focuses on the camera, specifically the ultra-wide sensor of the iPhone 16 Pro. According to 9to5mac, Apple will upgrade this sensor to 48 MP (compared to 12 MP in the 15 Pro), significantly improving low-light photography and spatial recording for Vision Pro in 4K.

Additionally, it’s said that the iPhone 16 Pro will feature a new tetra-prism system for a 5x optical zoom and a 25x digital zoom, a major upgrade from the current zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro.

This isn’t just a rumor: it’s logical to think that the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max will come with a new A18 Pro processor. Although there aren’t many rumors about it, it’s easy to foresee that Apple will enhance its neural capabilities to boost AI features introduced with Apple Intelligence.

New Colors for the iPhone 16 Pro?

Finally, let’s talk about colors. According to several leaks, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will see changes in the color palette of their titanium frames. Blue will disappear, making way for two new shades: pink and space black.

But don’t get too excited about the return of pink; it will be closer to Apple’s classic gold than the ‘rose gold’ seen in past generations. The space black will be somewhere between natural titanium and black titanium.

Did you like everything you read about the iPhone 16 Pro? Remember, these are rumors and leaks, so take this information with a grain of salt: even though some details seem solid, everything could change before September.

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