Retired astronaut William Anders, who took the famous photo of Earth, died in a plane crash

William Anders, the former Apollo 8 astronaut who took the iconic 1968 photo called «Earthris,» in which Earth appears as a dark blue marble from space, died Friday when the plane he was piloting alone crashed into water. . in the San Juan Islands, Washington State. He was 90 years old.

Around 11:40 a.m. m., a report came in that an old model airplane had crashed and drowned near the north end of Jones Island, San Juan County Sheriff Eric Peter said. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, which is investigating the incidents, only the pilot was on the Beech A45 plane at the time.

The retired astronaut’s son, Greg Anders, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, confirmed to KING-TV that his father’s body was found Friday afternoon. «The family is devastated,» he said. «He was a great driver and we will miss him dearly.»

The photo changed the way we look at the Earth.

This photograph, the first color photograph of Earth taken from space, is one of the most important in modern history because it changed the way people look at the planet. This photo is said to have sparked the global environmental movement because it showed how fragile and isolated the Earth seemed compared to space.

NASA administrator and former senator Bill Nelson said Anders summarized the lessons and purposes of exploration. «He went to the moon and helped us all see something else: ourselves,» Nelson wrote on the social media platform color film. «OMG, look at this photo!» -Anders said. “The Earth is here. My God, how beautiful!

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