Elden Ring promises DLC Masterclass in Shadow of the Erdtree

They say you can have too much of a good thing, but no one knew about the Elden Ring when they coined the phrase all those centuries ago. A standout winner of numerous Game of the Year accolades, the experience remains relevant to this day — even without this month’s massive Shadow of the Erdtree DLC calling veterans back to The Lands Between. Before the release, Bandai Namco kindly invited us to Paris to play the first three hours of the expansion. On the move, within the first area alone, it’s the most comprehensive game expansion FromSoftware has ever made.

After choosing one of three different classes (warrior, knight, or wizard at level 150), we entered the Shadowlands via a new portal in Mohgwyn Palace, accessed by interacting with Miquelle’s hand poking out of a cocoon at the back. From then on, the task was simple: Bandai Namco allowed us exactly three hours to freely explore the starting area of ​​the DLC, taking into account its main story, optional areas, and new features and mechanics. On the surface, it’s more Elden Ring, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find things that differentiate Shadow of the Erdtree from the base game.

The initial land mass upon entering Shadowland puts even the darkest places in the original experience to shame. Probably a once proud land, it is now overwhelmed with rot and ruins. Set under the cover of night, this is a decidedly dark place that seems deliberately desolate. There are few enemies in his fields, with only a few demons and gargoyles patrolling and choosing to attack them. It’s an environment that even your rivals don’t want to inhabit, with magical tombstones and massive gallows taking their place in the distance.

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