Claim your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for June 2024

Gamers who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate this month can claim plenty of in-game gifts, many of which are for some of the best free Xbox games. If you don’t like what’s on offer right now, fear not, as Microsoft tends to add more goodies to the service throughout the month, so something may pop up for you in the coming weeks. A number of perks have also been carried over from last month and will remain available until June and beyond, while others will soon be leaving. Everyone is here Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks for June 2024.

To claim your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, open the Xbox Game Pass hub on your Xbox console or the Xbox Game Pass app on your PC and mobile device. You’ll find your goodies listed under the Amenities tab, and when you click on them, you’ll be offered a download code. Once you claim them, your items will appear within the applicable title or service the next time you load them.

New Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for June 2024 and beyond

Sea of ​​​​Thieves – Ebon Flintlock Pack

For a limited time, download items from the prized Obsidian set! This pack contains an ebony flintlock pistol, an obsidian flag, and an onyx magazine.
Request by June 17, use by June 29

Naraka: Bladepoint – Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks, Season 12

xbox game pass ultimate perks may 2024

Claim exclusive Xbox headgear, new seasonal treasures, a legendary skin test pack and more in a new perk pack! Get a boost to start the new season with experience boost cards!
Request by July 4th, redeem by July 11th

PUBG: Battlegrounds – 2024 Xbox Game Pass Exclusive Survivor Pack #2

xbox game pass ultimate perks june 2028

Prepare for battle with the PUBG – XBOX Game Pass Exclusive Survivor Pack! Expand your item collection with coupons for Hunter’s Chests, Keys and Contraband, which are free for Game Pass Ultimate members.
Request by July 17th, redeem by July 24th

MultiVersus – MVP package 1

xbox game pass ultimate benefits june 2024

The MultiVersus MVP Pack offers in-game content to further customize and enhance your game. MVP Pack 1 includes the rare Sparkler Ringout and the Epic Clap Sticker Emote.
Request by July 22nd, redeem by July 29th

Vigor – Heatwave Havoc Pack

xbox game pass ultimate benefits june 2024

Leave the winter cold behind and come enjoy the Norwegian sun with our Heatwave package! Enjoy new stylish accessories, chests full of loot and loads of weapons to keep the party going. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
Request by July 28, use by August 4

Persona 3 Reload – Expansion Pass

Claim your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for March 2024

Dive deeper into the world of Persona 3 Reload with this expansion pass featuring new costumes, BGM and expanded story content “Episode Aigis – The Answer,” offering over 30 hours of additional gameplay. This Perk Content requires Persona 3 Reload to use.
Search by January 31, 2025, redeem by January 31, 2025.

Legacy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks is leaving in June 2024

These benefits will be discontinued this month, so make sure you claim them before Microsoft removes them from the service.

The Elder Scrolls Online – 10th Anniversary Pack #1

Claim your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for April 2024

Celebrate 10 years of Elder Scrolls Online with 10th Anniversary Pack #1! This package includes three Grand Gold Coast Experience Scrolls and 500 Seals of Endeavour.
Request by June 2, use by June 6

Apex Legends – Upheaval Supercharge Pack

xbox game pass ultimate perks may 2024

Join the Apex games ready for battle with the Upheaval Supercharge Pack. This collection of content will trick certain weapons and legends into special gear.

This package includes:

  • 2 character masks (ballistic and catalyst)
  • 2 weapon skins (Nemesis Burst AR and Peacekeeper)
  • 2 banners (ballistic and catalyst)

Request by June 3, use by June 10

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis – Xbox Game Pass monthly bonus

xbox game pass ultimate perks may 2024

Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to receive a monthly bonus of in-game items exclusive to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.

The following items are included in this package:

  • N-Half Scape doll ×6
  • Photon Chunk ×50

Request by June 4th, use by June 4th

Overwatch 2 – Season 10 Perks Pack

xbox game pass ultimate perks may 2024

Embrace deadly elegance and ruthless style with the legendary Medusa Widowmaker and Executioner Junkerqueen skins, plus the Visual K Kiriko Epic Skin! Then progress through the BattlePass ranks with a 20% XP boost. Overwatch 2 is required to use this perk content.
Request by June 19, use by June 26

Minecraft – 500 Minecoins!

xbox game pass ultimate perks may 2024

Claim 500 Minecoins! Spend them on epic adventure maps, skins, add-ons and more imaginative content, made by the creators and available in the Minecraft Marketplace. What will be your next adventure?
Request by June 15, use by June 22

Discord Nitro

Claim your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for February 2030

Enjoy three free months of the enhanced Discord experience with benefits such as the use of custom emojis, repeating profile banners, avatars per server, two server boosts per month, larger upload sizes and HD video.
Request by June 29, use by June 30

We’re still waiting for Microsoft to announce the first batch of Xbox Game Pass games for June, but if you want to see a selection of great games to play right away, check out our growing list of the best Game Pass games — there sure are some right now!

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